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  • Relaxing outside the Booknook, Chemainus, BC.

  • Inter-species conversation in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC.

  • A song for spring from Chemainus, BC.

  • Clouds piling up over Hawaii.

  • Family of Ducks in Echo Park, Chemainus, BC

  • Eagle soaring over Chemainus, BC

  • Two lovely ladies on Kin Beach, Chemainus at the 'golden hour'.

  • "What are you doing on my pier?" Fulford Harbour, Saltspring Island.

  • Horse Carriage in front of Gateway Park, Chemainus, BC

  • Antique car - Oldsmobile

  • Antique car - Chevorlet

About This Site

This site is dedicated to photography and videography. The photography is ©artztudio.ca or with permision of other photographers. Videography is also ©artztudio.ca or with permission from other videographers downloaded from Vimeo or Youtube.

I hope you will enjoy the content I will be uploading on this site.